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(Note: Model (my son) had just woken up in the morning, but always ready for a photo opportunity, was happy to don the headband.)

I really wanted a headband for myself, but decided to knit a child-sized one, to see if I'd even like it. I also decided on a ribbed pattern to give it a litte more stretch.

Yarn: Worsted Weight (In photo above, I used Red Heart yarn (inexpensive), color 2940 Beach)

Needle size: #9

Kid/Toddler size:
Cast on 74 sts (Depending on head size. My next attempt will be for an adult-sized head and I will use 84sts)
Knit one row
K2,P2 for about 2 inches, or desired width
Then, Knit one row (loosely) and bind off on the next row (loosely). Sew up the ends and you have a headband. It's a simple as that.

*You could have all kinds of fun making these. I'd like to try it in some fuzzy yarn. I'll be sure to share some pictures of my different projects.

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(See what I made from here: pig)

Lovely book for beginners.

- The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knitting & Crocheting

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