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This was super easy and fast to make. So far I've made 2, but plan to make many more. You can make the pattern bigger or smaller (but I wouldn't go smaller) and it can be used for a face cloth or dishcloth. I intended mine to be used for a face/washcloth.

I used Sugar and Cream yarn (which I don't particularily like, but tried because so many people make cloths out of it).

Needle size: #8 or #9 (I used #8, I believe)

Cast on 30 sts (you can make more to make a bigger cloth, if you' like - just use numbers you can divide into 5)
Rows 1-5 K5, P5 (all the way)
Rows 6-10 P5, K5 (all the way)
Repeat all rows (1-10) twice
Repeat rows 1-5 one more time (you will end up with 7 rows of checkers)
Bind off.

When I sewed up the loose ends on mine, I made a little loop for a hanger. I only did this with the 2nd cloth, you can have a loop or not. It's up to you. Have fun!!

NOTE: Info on above cloths: The orange one is 45 across, on #9 needles. The lime one is 35 across on #9 needles.

Did you use this pattern? Drop me a line and let me know. If you have a picture, I'd love to see it.

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