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Common Knitting Abbreviations

beg beginning
bet between
BO bind off
CC contrast color
ch chain
cn cable needle
CO cast on
dec decrease
dpn double pointed needle(s)
eor every other row
est established
inc increase
k1b knit 1 in back loop of stitch
k2tog knit 2 stitches together
K (or k) knit
MC main color
p1b purl 1 in back loop of stitch
P (or p) purl
pat pattern
psso pass slipped stitch over knit (or purl) stitch
rem remaining
rep repeat
rnd round
RS right side
sk skip
sl slip
ssk slip 2 stitches, knit 2 slipped stitches together
St st stockinette stitch
st(s) stitches
tbl through the back loop
tog together
WS wrong side
yo yarn over
" inch or inches
* repeat the instructions following or between the asterisk(s)
[] repeat instructions within brackets as indicated
() repeat instructions inside parentheses as indicated

Knitting Needle Conversion

(US Metric)
0 2mm
1 2 1/4mm
2 2 3/4mm
3 3 1/4mm
4 3 1/2mm
5 3 3/4mm
6 4mm
7 4 1/2mm
8 5mm
9 5 1/2mm
10 6mm
10.5 6 1/2mm
10.75 7mm
11 8mm
13 9mm
15 10mm
17 12mm
19 15mm
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